Friday, May 27, 2011

C25K - the Revivial!

Let's cut to the chase.  It's summer and I'm tired of being chubby.  Sugar will be 6wks old (already! sniff, sniff) on Tuesday and I need to fit into my REAL clothes.  Pronto.  Here's a pic of me with the whole family last night at Sissy's kindergarten graduation (which was such a super special night, btw... filled with all the memories of these kiddos - and their parents - that I've come to know and love in the last 3 years!)

I'm tired of hearing... oh, you'll breastfeed those pounds right off. Or ... you'll lose 'em when your body is ready. I don't buy into either! When I had Sissy, I was horrified to learn that it was possible to exclusively breastfeed your baby (for 9 months!) and STILL not be able to lose the weight. I didn't lose the last 10 lbs until after she turned 1. With Gman, it was easier. I can already tell this time is going to be alot like it was in round 1. In my ( opinion, it's because with both girls, I gained weight in places other than my belly. With Gman, it was almost all belly weight.

So... I start C25K for the 4th time. Or 5th... I've lost track. I'm going to walk for a couple wks, until I feel ready to jog. And I'm deciding which program I'm going to do to firm up and tone up - something must be done about these arms!  Until then... you'll catch me in knit dresses, maternity pants, and the one pair of capris I'm gonna buy in whatever-this-size-is.
Have a super fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Tiffany said...

Girl, I've been living in the same jeans for months'd think that 10 months later I'd be doing better...I've just got to get working on the giggle! I think you look great for 6 weeks pp!

Mama Laughlin said...

You can do it mama! You've already done it twice, so you're a pro!
I'll be doing the C25K again after baby as well!
I'm rooting for you!!!

michelle roos said...

screw the weight! I just keep telling myself I have worse things to worry about right now! I did however go walking yesterday pushing both kids. Definitely a work out!!! And in the pics you look great!

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