Saturday, May 21, 2011

2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate? TEACHERS!

Well, this momma has been a little busy (I had forgotten how all encompassing nursing a newborn is!  Add in 2 big kids and it's a miracle I'm showering these days!)... so these Teacher Appreciation gifts were a week late!  But school is still in session... the teachers are still there... so I figure we're all good (esp since they all have met the baby so they're aware of my new pasttime!)

I love all the Thanks aLATTE gifts out there, but I'm unsure if my kiddos' teachers are Starbucks people (gasp, right?)  ;)  But who doesn't love some Sonic Happy Hour?  This is a super quick gift idea, but still fun and summery, and the teachers loved them!

For each gift, you need:

a plastic cup
candy (I used a Hershey's bar and a bag of MnM's)
shredded paper or something to put in the bottom of the cups (I had some leftover from Easter!)
giftcard to somewhere fun & summery
tulle (duh!)

Just add the filler to the bottom of the cup... throw in some candy and a gift card... and tie some tulle around the top of the cup.  I whipped up the tags in photoshop and taped them to the cups.

Here are the tags!

Much thanks to all you teachers out there!  Time to get back to the couch with a certain newborn and a burpie... ;)

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