Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's kinda like UN-packing. Not nearly as much fun as packing... the fun is over and now reality is setting in. 

But that's life when you move alot, right?  So.... y'all remember G's room.  My pride and joy and my first taste of really decorating my own child's room and getting into it!  (Hey, they say second children are neglected... there aren't as many pics of them, they get less alone time with parents... but G scored in the room dept!  Sissy's nursery was boring compared to this!)

I spent an hour and a half on Tues night working on 'bringing down the boat' and other decals 

I have to say, I was totally impressed with how well the walls looked once I pulled down all the vinyl.  Totally recommend it for decorating and will definitely do it again.  All you do is take a hair dryer to the decal, warm it up, then pull it off.  (I may have been a little impatient anxious at first and didn't heat the decals up enough.  mr. fix-it had to do a little paint touch up!  But I caught on quick and the rest was perfect!)

Did I ever tell you that the pirate ship was 2 pieces?  Ahh, the memories of putting that up.  I supervised, 8+ months pregnant, while Mr. Fix-It and both Mr. and Mrs. Everything all worked to put up the 6 foot pirate ship!  I totally cried half the time I was pulling it down...

Those of you that have been around Our Semi-Homemade Life awhile will remember this pic of baby G.

This is what's left of It's a Pirate's Life for Me!  Nothing but shriveled up vinyl all over the floor.  Did I mention how long it took?  And that I burnt my fingers?  And that I think I aged my hair dryer considerably?  ;)

Part of my Tues decal destroying was the monogram and a few of the birds in Big Sis's room.  Finished the last 6 birds tonight!

UN-decorating.  It's like a sweet trip down memory lane.... there is laughter, there are tears... I ended up talking to a friend after the boat came down and she offered a moment of silence.  LOL!  Then she said... Now that the ship has sailed, bring on the trucks!  Yep, I'm working on a vintage truck theme as one idea for G's next room.  Will share it soon!

And on that note... The Semi-Homemades go unplugged this weekend, so enjoy your holiday!  We'll be without internet (gasp!) in the summer house until Tues.  Boo!  Tomorrow evening we will officially live at the Summer House (just send our mail there!)  ;)  Happy Memorial Day, y'all!!


The Miss' Momma said...

Makes me want to cry!! I don't think *I* could handle seeing the empty rooms... but I know what it's like for y'all too.

How fun will it be to put up new decals though... And this time, we'll include our friend Firefly ;)

Big hugs... you get to relax for a few months before doing it all again.

Decal Monograms said...

I just read your comment on my blog...sorry I could not help sooner. Looks like you got them down pretty good. So sad to see them all go away! Hope the new place is feeling like a home for now. I started putting my decals on the glass of frames b/c I move furniture around so much. That way I can move it and not have to recut the decals.

Jackie S. said...

The decals look fun, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you please let me know what paint color you used for the blue in the pirate nursery? its exactly what I'm looking for. thank you!

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