Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheap Summer Stuff you Need!

Just a few (cheap!) things I'm loving right now that just say SUMMER!  :)

My beach-y read:  Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation
Seriously, when I read the title, I knew I had to read it, lol.  And the recommendation came from a blogger who cracks me up (Liz at Mable's House), so it was a done deal.  You'll learn super important lessons like how to form your "team" and How to Scare the Crap Out of Your Child (But in a Positive Way.)  Seriously, I've already taken some of the advice to heart... like using everyday situations to guilt my kiddos into behaving.  Just kidding.  Kinda.  This book is just for fun.  (But hey, if you happen to find some of it helpful in raising your kids, I won't tell!)
This book is funny - and I'm looking at it right now on Amazon and it's only $6 - wow! 

The sweet smell of summer:  Bath & Body came out with their Summer Vanillas right before the big trip to Vegas.  I had an amazing coupon (AND a giftcard from Christmas!) so I bought all 3.  Except now I wish I would have just bought 3 of the Vanilla Lemon.  Can't get enough of it!  And I've got the girls at work addicted, too.  (Hey, if I'm gonna hang out with them, they need to smell good, right?)

A drink with an umbrella:  Ahhhh.... the latest yummy drink craze (at least around here!)  I don't even like sweet team (which I know is a blasphemy down here in TX!), but this stuff?  Mmm.... I love Sweet Tea Vodka mixed with just about ANY flavor of Crystal Light (because what's the good in all this running if I'm drinking tons of calories, right?)  Mrs. Everything and I soooo enjoyed it last Friday night that we didn't notice (until it was too late!) that our darling children had been pouring buckets of sand onto each other's head in the sandbox.  Four shampoos into the weekend and I was STILL finding some sand!

Spa day at work:  And then lastly... this is random, but it's the small things at work, sometimes, that get you through.  And I promise... even if work is going terribly wrong... if I've got this yummy cranberry chicken for lunch, at least I know I'll manage to have 10 min where things are going right! ;) 

I promise I'm working on a big blog that explains at least SOME of my mysterious ways lately, lol!  I'm hoping to have a little more information... but either way, I hope to finish it up by end of week. 

Today was supposed to be Jury Duty Day for me.. my first ever!  But when I checked my status online last night, I was dismissed before I even came!  I'm wondering how you get to be my age (lol!) and have never even showed up for jury duty!! :)  Happy Wednesday!


Natalie said...

ooh.. I love a good Ice Pick (sweet tea & vodka). I prefer Blueberry Smirnoff with the tea. I'll have to try the Crystal Light additon.

That book sounds funny. I'm always looking for something around the pool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, that book sounds great and I will have to make a trip to B&BW now. I love vanilla. Hope your having a great week! xoxo

The Miss' Momma said...

In our defense, lest people think we're slacker mommas: weren't the daddys suppose to be watching them... since it was our Mother's Day celebration? ;)

Oooh, do they have a vanilla lemon candle? That would compliment nicely with my Sugar Scentsy! Need to check it out tomorrow while P is at school!

Heather said...

That vanilla lemon sounds awesome! Love your picks, I am going to have to try some of these!!

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