Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The One Where WE MOVE! Well, kinda...

The Semi-Homemades move into the summer house, but only partially.  They watch as the movers take everything to the summer house that they'll need.  Except their beds, which stay at the house.  Two loads go to storage, with the balance scheduled for the next week.  Elaine wonders where her mind has gone... and guesses it's in 1 of 3 locations, like everything else:  in the house, at the apartment... or lost in storage.

Yep, we're in 3 places right now and I think I've plain lost my mind!  We've started setting up the summer house and our first night there will be Friday night.  So... remember that surprise mr. fix-it was working on?  Well, this is Big Sis's reaction when she saw it:

Did you guess it?  He had the painters come in and paint Big Sis's room the exact pink of her Preppy Room at home.  He had them paint G-man's room that beautiful navy that G-man is used to in his Pirate Nursery. He knew both kiddos had been experiencing some anxiety, and he wanted them to feel at home.  Isn't he just the best? :)
See?  It worked!  G walked right in and started throwing the toys out of the toybox.  JUST like at home.

And look at Sissy's room.  It almost doesn't even look like an apartment anymore!

Then, as a surprise to me, he even did OUR ROOM!  Awwww... (Maybe he picked up on the anxiety I've started to have, just in the last few days?)  It's time to start thinking Father's Day gifts because this man has outdone himself!

While last weekend isn't necessarily one I'd want to repeat over and over... we DID manage to have some fun, especially with the moms here.  This is Big Sis with her grandmother (my mom!) 


And Mr. Fix-It's mom getting some love!

This was the cutest thing.... G-man was watching Princess and the Frog with Sissy and he sat in his rocker (which is mr. fix-it's dad's rocker!)... admist the boxes... with his sippy.... and rocked.  Just made us think of all the precious memories we've made in this house!


C. Beth said...

The painting thing is SO sweet! What a guy!

(And there are definite perks to being a contractor, with good painting contacts, huh?)

Sasha said...

What a great guy Mr. Fix-It is! How long will you be in this place? Send me your new addy when you get a chance.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

That is sooooo nice that he painted the rooms for you. It will be nice to have some of the comforts of home during your transistion.

Can't wait to see the new house!

Kelly said...

That was so sweet of Mr. Fix-It! He is definitely a keeper!ha! Have you had to get a refill on the moving medicine yet?ha!

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