Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trade Days Treasures

Wow, it's been a month since mr. fix-it and I loaded up all 3 kids (lil Punkin wasn't even a month old yet!) and headed to the Trade Days in the  This isn't the big Trade Days that Mrs. Everything and I try to go to a couple times a year... but it's MUCH closer, smaller (in a good way) and the weather that day was PERFECT.  And here are a few things I found:

I *think* I'm going to hang this in the wet bar off the living room.  When I know... I'll show you.  ;)  (OH, and for the record... we scored this at the same place we got the MASSIVE piece for our entry way.  We were able to negotiate and got them for a steal.  Literally, it was like we stole them.)  ;)

Okay, this is standing on it's side... and since I can't figure out how to turn the pic horizontally... just bend your left ear to your left shoulder.  Got it?  Okay... it's the sillhouette of cowboys.  It matches the ones hanging everywhere in our college football stadium.  And when I'm done with it, it'll be black and hanging (horizontally, of course!) in our media room.  Or man cave.  Whatever.

This is for the nursery and it, too, will be getting a few coats of spray paint.  It'll be part of a collage... you'll see!  :)

These projects are FINALLY coming together - can't wait to show you!

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Kristie said...

OMG--we have that same iron wood thingy! And, we got it from Canton like 6 years ago. It was hanging on an odd wall in our kitchen at our old house, but now we just have it propped up on the floor in an odd corner of our current house. How funny that it's mate was still out there and that you have it!

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