Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Return to C25K

I've got a strict deadline when it comes to fitting back into my work pants!  SO... Here's my view from the treadmill these days:

Sweet baby Punkin (I've GOT to get around to giving her a blog name!) is 10 weeks old and tomorrow I'll finish week 3 of C25K...   I've learned that it's definitely easier to run when she's sleeping.  BUT.. I don't always get that luxury (I'm trying to cram every dentist/doctor/hair appt - you name it! - into the last couple weeks of my maternity leave!)  So... sometimes I have to resort to running & entertaining - at the same time.  See my headphones in the picture below?  Sweet baby is rocking out to some Girl Talk. ;)

I'd forgotten how running keeps me SANE!  (Or at least more sane than I'd be if I wasn't running!)  ;)

My work out plan the last several weeks and until I return to work (I have only one more wk off - yikes!) has included:
3 (or more) c25k runs
3 (or more) Buff Brides strength work outs
and TONS of lugging around that sweet baby.  Who was a teeny 7% at her 2 wk appt, but came in at 94% by her 2 month appt!  (What can I say?  I've been working hard at that!)  :)

What is Buff Brides? 

A super easy, super quick workout...
perfect for busy moms like me (you don't have to be a bride, clearly... although my sister started doing this workout 10 yrs ago when she was engaged, so it's a classic!)... 
using mostly stuff I already had (I bought an $8 exercise ball and that's it!)...
and it can even be done while you're catching up on tv (damn this maternity leave for getting me addicted to all sorts of shows I've never had time for!) 
Score your Buff Brides on Amazon for cheap!

And when Sweet Pea isn't helping me with my workout... she's usually sitting pretty in one of her girly girl outfits.  I just can't help myself - I love the bows, the ruffles, the tutus.... watch her turn out to be a tom boy! ;)

11 days til I return to work... I'll let ya know how those pants fit!  ;)


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Cassie said...

I want a treadmill so bad or a two seat jogging stroller. I miss running, good for you for getting back into it! Your little one is adorable and that is pretty creative having her right there, so she is still near you while you get your workout in.

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