Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Episode of Everything is Bigger in Texas: State Fair Edition

The rides, the attractions, the people watching (you know that part is half the fun), the FRIED FOOD!  We did it all last Monday at the Texas State Fair!  Ever since Sissy was one, we've gone to the state fair DURING the wk (what an important detail - it's the big key to our success in everyone having fun!)

The legend:  Big Tex.  He's huge.  He's Texan.  And he talks.  Really slow and really deep and with lots of "y'all"s thrown in (like any good Southern cowboy).

The Little Hands on the Farm:  Big Sis is a pro at this.  GT did it for the first time this year.  You slip into an apron, do a bunch of chores around the farm... feed animals, collect eggs and milk, plant and harvest crops, drive tractors... at the end, you are paid for your hard work and get to use your $ to pick out a treat at the general store.  Awww, the kids love it!  (And it never hurts to have an extra granola bar in case your kiddo decides to opt out of the fried-whatever-you're-eating.)

Here's my crew at the beginning of Little Hands!  Farmer Fix-It, Mrs. Farmer, and my cute little G-goat.  hee hee

A (rare!) shot of mom with her Little Hands.

There are SO many photo opps at the State Fair, but we do the same few every year and it's fun to compare to past years. 

The FRIED food:  I have a confession.... I'm not really all that into the fried food.  I know, I know... it's all the rage at the state fair.  And I do love some french fries... fried okra... but most the fried fair food is a little for me.  But this year was - by far! - the best for fried food.

My biggest priority was trying the award winning Fried Frito Chili Pie.  And it didn't disappoint!  Of course, it came with salsa and sour cream to dip... and how do you go wrong there?

Everyone loves the corny dog.  Again, I'm not the hugest fan.  BUT... add jalapeno and cheddar and suddenly I'm MUCH more interested.

Sissy's fav food in the whole world is "pelly and jelly"... aka PB&J.  So, we tried the fried version.  Again, not bad!  (Is it possible that my taste buds are just adapting to this Texas way of life?)

This pic isn't great, but... we were enjoying Fried Chocolate.  Imagine a brownie (now you're talking - my fav food in the world!) fried!  Which basically meant it was warm, but kinda crispy... then topped with whipped cream.  The 4 of us practically fought over this one!  Whew, seems like alot of food, huh?  The 4 of us shared those 4 sinful treats in between rides....
The annual photo opps:  this is another one!  Last year, baby G-man was much tinier in the stroller.  And before that it was just me and Sis!

This my all-time FAVORITE annual State Fair pic!  mr. fix-it and his sweet girl!

And G-man couldn't be left out... Not to mention that Sissy wanted to prove she was tall enough for the 'big flower.'

The Rides:   GT is currently obsessed with 2 things:  trucks (duh, you know this) and motorcycles.  He was in heaven!  Even if Sissy bossed him into a pink one. ;)

mr. fix-it LOVES the showrooms with all the new trucks and cars.  And now... apparently, he has a buddy in all that man stuff.  It was G-man's hands-down favorite part of the fair.  He wanted "in, in!" every.single.truck.  On the bright side, it was like a ride to him but FREE!

Sissy will ride anything.  No fear.  Here she is, pretty much the lone kid on a roller coaster.

I think I snapped this sweet shot of 2 siblings waiting to ride the plane together.  Not 5 seconds later, Sis is crying because her brother won't hold on and GT is considering hitting her for bossing him around (I swear, I could see the look in his eyes!)

Tell Sissy she isn't big enough?  She'll say she is (and damnit if she couldn't ride just about anything at her VERY tall 49" - she's just 4 yrs old, guys!)  Tell her she'll be scared?  She says she isn't.  Then she'll prove it!  She climbed up a billion steps... carrying this gunny sack thing.... and then slid all the way down. 

And loved it. Wanted to do it again.

So fun!  Already looking forward to next year..... wonder what they'll fry up in 2011.  :)  Any suggestions?


Sasha said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish our fair was as nice as yours... love your pics!

*kimmie* said...

These pictures sure bring back great memories! Fried chocolate does sound tasty. I was disappointed with some of the fried options last year.

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