Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The BLIND Side

Uh, that would be the side I'm on about now.

How sad is that - when shown the classic eye chart today - I not only failed to read the top line with either eye... but when I was given the opportunity to read it with BOTH eyes, I squinted until I proudly announced it was an A.
Uh.... I think that makes me both BLIND and STUPID.  How often do you see anything but an E at the top?  Yikes!

So... without boring you of the details of my vison woes, just know that my eyes are revolting.  They're rejecting my contacts after years of abuse.  (Sure, I've been told that only going 5 hrs a day without contacts will lead to problems, but....)  I'm now banned from wearing contacts.  Indefinitely.  For a few months... at best.  Could take a year or more to heal, and worst case scenario is no more contacts.  Evah!  (For the record, I'm highly emotional at any and ALL medical offices, apparetly.  I promptly told the dr. he was going to make me cry... and that he'd scared me straight and I would be on best behavior from now on.)

Boo hoo!  Going to bed to wallow in my depression.

Oh, and when I replace my 7 year old glasses.... y'all will be the first to see the new specs!



C. Beth said...

Oh no!! I hardly ever take out my contacts. They are extended wear, so I'm allowed to sleep in them, but still.... Your story scares me! I'd hate to have to wear glasses all the time! I bet you'll get some cute frames though!

3LittleByrds said...

I hope eventually your able to wear contacts again. I know that has to be frustrating.

Sasha said...

Goodness- so sorry! I went thru something similar a few years ago. I'm back to wearing them, but I take them out before bed.

Hope your eyes heal quickly! Can't wait to see those new specs.

Cornelia said...

I went through the same thing last year. I was out of my contacts for about 3 months. I am now back in them but I take them out as soon as I get home from work and I try to wear my glasses a few times week. I know how frustrating it is because I am "blind" too. And I did start crying in the doc's office when he told me no contacts.

Becky said...

When I was in high school, I was stupidly vain and refused to wear my glasses even when I had a terrible eye infection. I totally wrecked my eyes from that, and it was a very long time (years) before I could comfortably wear contacts again for more than a couple of hours at a time. So I really feel for you. I bet (hope) your healing time will be much faster, though, since it doesn't sound like you abused your contacts quite as much as I did.

(I had lasik surgery in 2002 and it was the best decision I ever made. I haven't had to worry about glasses or contacts for 8 years. I HIGHLY recommend it.)

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Aww, thanks for all the comments.

Becky - I'd LOVE to have lasik! I've been wanting it since I was 13, prob! ;) But I'm not (yet!) a candidate... my eyes keep changing. My dr. is hopeful (or was, before all this) that I could be a candidate by the time I quit having kids and get to my mid-30s... so I'm holding on to that hope! :)

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