Monday, September 7, 2009


We weren't home over Labor Day weekend, so I scrapped any ideas of carrying out one of my semi-homemade ideas I've been brainstorming.... instead we turned our focus to our big passion: college football! Mr. Fix-It and I are passionate about our Oklahoma State Cowboys. Which sadly, is often heartbreaking. But win or lose, we love 'em!

And this weekend was a HUGE game! While many teams were playing the equivolent of a high school football team, the Cowboys (ranked #9!!! preseason) took on the #13 Georgia Bulldogs. And we won! Big! 24-10! Go, Pokes!!!

We weren't at the game (we were in NE Oklahoma, celebrating Mr. Fix-It's grandmother's 85th birthday), but we dressed the part! We hit up the park before gametime:

My lil linebacker loves the slide!

And Big Sis loves swings and anything that spins (I couldn't even watch her on this merry-go-round without getting dizzy!)

And G-man charmed his great-grandma by taking some steps for her! (He's so cute in that jersey! I can't wait to be a high school football mom! Okay, yes I can... he's already too grown up... but you know what I mean!)

We did head to Stillwater (home of our Cowboys) later in the weekend for Ainsley's monkey themed birthday party. I've got to get some of the pics from her momma and then I'll share her semi-homemade birthday party!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Wooo hoo! Go Pokes! We'll be back in Stillwater in October for one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) college homecomings! There's a walkaround on Friday night, the parade on Sat (this year's grand marshals are famous alums Barry Sanders, Robin Ventura, and Garth Brooks!), and the big game against Mizzou. OSU Homecoming is like nothing else - can't wait!

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MaryBeth said...

ooh...look at those precious chubby legs! Love it!

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