Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall has arrived at the Semi-Homemade House!! And Halloween T-shirt sneak peek!

It rained all weekend and I actually didn't mind.... our Sat night plans cancelled Sat morning and I actually didn't mind that either. We are known for booking every spare second, cramming in more than is humanly possible... and this weekend, it was nice to just slow down, and let it rain while we played (okay, tried to corral G-man) at home. (Custom baby gate guy, we're calling you tomorrow morning. Like at 8:01am.)

Anyway, I spent a few minutes in the attic today and was pleasantly surprised that I have a few more fall/Halloween things than I remembered (which still isn't much, but)... I'll have to snap a few pics to share how fall has come to the Semi-Homemade House (even if it could likely be back in the 90s as soon as the rain moves out, but so what?)

And during a trip to Target, I got sooo excited for the Halloween costume party we're throwing next month. They had soo many cool things! I could have bought one of everything...but, thanks to this damn recession, we settled on one thing (and honestly, this was a great value!) And so... now we are the proud new owners of this:

At only $15, it scared the you-know-what outta Big Sis (of course, Mr. Fix-It was chasing her thru Target with it at the time!)
Last Halloween was our first in this neighborhood, and we realized that we were the only ones who hadn't decorated their yards/porches for the big holiday. (Everyone in the 'hood meets for pizza at the square on the big night... then splits for the TOTing.... then gets back together for an outdoor movie for the kids while the adults enjoy some BYOB - fun!)

So, to get ALL of you in the mood.... here are some of my fav Etsy finds for the little goblin you love!

This cute pumpkin shirt is from veryKIKI.... what cute stuff! If you're looking for a cute applique - owl, birdie, plane, necktie! - they've got it!

Remember My Personalized Tshirt? I told y'all about them because they did G-man's super cute 1st birthday pirate bib! They've also got cutie pie Halloween shirts for your kiddos! Love the girly skull

And this one could double as additional game day attire for my kiddos when we're watching the Pokes! (Who obviously could have used some extra cheer yesterday. Boo!) :(

I love the modern look of these shirts by Molly Caroline designs. Besides a ton of cute Halloween shirts, she also has a great selection of classic & cute gifts!

Got a monster lover? ;) Try Two Zany Zebras! They've got all the monsters covered!

This one looks like it would be sooo soft!

I love, love fall. Bring on the smells, the foods, the sports, the fun! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing comes up this week to blow my budget... because I want to head to Michael's and see what they have for the party or our yard!

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Seersucker Scrapper said...

Those are all so cute. I can't wait to pull out all our Halloween decorations. Love the monster tees!

Your neighborhood sounds like so much fun!

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