Monday, February 6, 2012

Why I Hate Doritos

Listen up, all you mommas of BOYS. 

This is why I now HATE Doritos (and no, it has nothing to do with yesterday's Super Bowl commercial!)

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday.  (I know YOU know this... but just getting us all on the same page.)  We went to a party.  It was a big party, probably 30-40 really fun peeps, lots of which were (really suprisingly well behaved) kiddos.  Good times, just a really nice afternoon in TX.

And this momma was BUSY.  Because the party was so crazee, I had to hold the sweet punkin most the time (lest she get trampled by the bigger kids while she's trying to figure out the whole walking thing - see how close she's getting?)

Between the punkin AND tending to my drink (vodka. fresca.  Have I told y'all that we're halfway thru a 10wk Biggest Loser contest and I've been winning the entire time?!)... So between the punkin AND my drink AND socializing... I didn't have time for much else.  And my big kids were being really good, so I didn't get in their business much.  I noted that Gman had a handful of Doritos EVERYTIME I saw him, but I was like... Whatev.  It's a party, he can knock himself out.

Cut to 2:15a.m.  Gman calmly shows up at my bedside and says, 'momma, I spit up on myself.'  I take him to the bathroom, where we can take a peek in the light.  He is covered, on one side, in NACHO CHEESE VOMIT.  All in his hair, plastered to the side of his face, all in his PJs, in every nook & cranny of his little left side.  AND, all over his bed, he announces.

He's calm, not scared or acting like he's got a stomach bug.  Because he doesn't.  He's puking because - in typical BOY fashion - he ate his weight in freakin' nacho cheese Doritos.  mr. fix-it put him in the tub, and I went up to his poor room.  Remember the one?  We may have to change the color scheme.  To navy blue, crisp white.... and nacho cheese orange!!! 

Hope you enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday as much as we did.... minus the 2am repeat of nacho cheese!!
This is post-party, on our way to Punkin's crib... with 52 seconds left in the game.  I think the GIANT football head behind us is hil-arious.   :) 



MaryBeth said...

LOL. We had an experience like that one time after I caved and bought a can of Chef Boyardee for Luke a few years ago. He had seen a commercial and just really wanted to try it. He ate the entire can. It's never good to revisit Chef Boyardee in the middle of the night. Glad G man is feeling better :)

Sasha said...

Oh no! Poor guy (and poor mom and dad!) Hope he is feeling better!

Mama Laughlin said...

HAHAHA. I laugh.
But only because it happened to you and not me.
ANd YAY for winning the BL challenge!!

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