Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 days and counting!

So much has happened that I don't know where to start!  So, I'll start with an update on #3.  We'll be meeting him or her on Tues, April 19.  While I'm excited that we've gotten to move the date up (I've been miserable, I've had contractions like nothing else, and I'm READY!), it's a tough day for Oklahomans like me and mr. fix-it.  Tuesday will be the 16th anniversary of the OKC Bombing, a date that we both rememeber with more clarity than yesterday. 

But we're anxious to add happiness to that day and meet the newest member of our family!  More to come, as I fill you in on how my world has turned upside down in the last 3 wks. 



C. Beth said...

You are beautiful, and I love the belly pics...but I'm ready for a baby pic. :) Happy that it's happening soon!!

*kimmie* said...

I can't believe you're due in only three days!!! I can't wait to see precious Semi-homemade #3 (I guess they're all-homemade =)!

Decal Monograms said...

You look great! Hope everything is ok- I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck Tuesday. How excited. Can't wait to read an update.

Ben and Emily said...

You look wonderful! So excited to "meet" #3!!

I too remember where I was when I found out about the OKC Bombing. So sad. Can't believe it's been 16 years already.

Jess said...

You look great and I'm so happy that you'll meet #3 tomorrow!
I also remember the OKC bombing and exactly what I was doing when I found out. Can't believe it's been that long ago already! A few friends of mine (and me) are doing the OKC Memorial Marathon Relay in a couple weeks. It's been about 5 years since I've been to the memorial so it will be nice to go back and see it again.
Good luck tomorrow with baby #3! Can't wait to hear what it is! :)

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