Thursday, February 3, 2011

14 things I love

In honor of that upcoming holiday... and in no particular order... here are 14 things I love!

1.  Sliced bananas with hot fudge.  It's kinda a fake-out sundae.  Of course, sometimes, I just say screw it... and add some frozen yogurt to it.  (We'll see how that glucose test goes tmrw! LOL!)

2.  Decorating!  I have 3 bedrooms to start working on stat!  But trying to finish unpacking first... and using decorating as my reward/motivation!

3.  Getting 2 free drinks from Starbucks - one for my birthday and one 'cause I earned it by being a rewards member!  (What?  You haven't heard of that!  Go to right now and sign up!)  In a crazy turn of events, I also received a free Starbucks oatmeal.  I'm in Bucks heaven...  Sign up here!

4.  My big belly!

5.  Castle.  Yes, I know I've already told you.  But I love it that much.

6.  Spring in TX!  Before long... it'll be bluebonnet time!  (Thank goodness - the ground is covered in sleet today and I hate cold weather!)

7. Okay, this is almost contradicting #6, but... Snow/Ice days!  We've been stuck in our house for 3 days now.  And while most everyone I know is about to lose it, I am LOVING it.  We're always on the go, never do much more than sleep at our house, it seems!  And I never get enough time with my sweet kiddos and hubby.  So  (Just not loving the drive in to the office that takes as long as the actual time the servers are up and productive there!)  I've started getting used to big crashes coming from upstairs, followed by lots of giggling.  They can't really hurt anything, so what's the problem? :)

8.  Supportive girl friends!  This year is going to be full of the sweetest blessings (a new baby, settling into a new home) and some of the biggest challenges (balancing being a momma to 3 with a demanding job that doesn't quit for anything).  I thank God daily for some women that help support me, help lift me up, tell me I can do it (even when I have serious doubts).  Don't know what I'd do without them!

9.  Lists!  If I don't have something on a list, it doesn't get done.  Period.

10.  Traveling!  mr. fix-it and I are headed to a weekend away in San Antonio at the end of this month, to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (which isn't until April, but that's too close to the arrival of #3!)  We don't have family close, so to get a weekend away and someone to watch the kids... it's a big deal! 
Have recommendations for our trip to San Antonio?  Let me know!  mr. fix-it has never been there and we love American history, so we're going to have alot of fun at the Alamo (and then ALOT of relaxation!)

11.  Surprises!  My birthday was Monday and I worked late.  I rushed home to have cake with the kids, but it was too late when I got there (I guess cake after 8pm is a little late for little ones!)  Needless to say, the day hadn't been my favorite.
Enter my sweet hubby... he made sure the kids treated me like a queen before he put them in bed.  In the kitchen, there were flowers and a card and a trip to the spa for a pedi - from the hubby and kids!  When I went to our room to change out of work clothes, more flowers on my nightstand!  With a sweet card from my hubby and a GC to Starbucks!  When I headed to the bathroom (he knows this pg momma TOO well!), more flowers!  Another card!  Another gift card!  He turned a crappy day into one of the sweetest ever. :)

12.  Semi-Homemade Projects!  IF I get home from work in time today... I'm going to start on the kids' semi-homemade valentines for their parties at school.  I'm starting with the 32 boxes of conversation hearts I bought last weekend... ;)

And if you want to get your house ready for Valentine's Day... and if you're like me and have been meaning to jump on the Subway Art bandwagon... check out eighteen25's cute ones!  They have it in 2 colorways!

13.  This guy! I told you this was in no particular order!  Or he'd be #1! :)

14.  These kids!

What do y'all love?  Maybe one day I'll do a linky blog and y'all can share these things with me! :)  Stay warm, friends!! 



Jordan said...

Josephine Street Cafe in San An! SOOO good - looks like a total dump but the BEST steaks ever! Off the beaten path, but totally worth the drive!

Romantic Dinner said...

wow nice looking and beautiful smile .

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