Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 weeks to go - progress pics!

ALOT has happened since I shared the new Semi-Homemade house with you.  In fact, it was 4 wks ago and we had written our favorite 'scriptures on the structure!'  But... just like everyone, we've been crazy busy.  In fact, in my (almost) total absence since we moved into the Summer House, I haven't quite kept y'all in the loop.  So... a few... uh, confessions:

- mr. fix-it was laid off.  Which was a total shock.  Despite making it 2 yrs in a rough housing market... and being the only guy at his level still left.... we found out in August that he'd be saying goodbye to the company he'd been at for 5 yrs.  Heartbreak.  Shock.  Sadness.  (And that was just me!)  ;)

- I started a new job last week.  I'm still doing the same thing, but I've moved from one end of the 'campus' to another... and from one end of the product specturm (women's lingerie) to the other (kids' apparel).  Despite having the same title, most of the job is different, so... lots to learn!  Just trying to take it one day at a time.

- The first trimester of this pregnancy has been the hardest I've ever been thru.  In one week in August, we found out mr. fix-it was getting laid off, that I was starting a new job, and that I was pregnant.  Whoa!  And all while we're building our new house and living in the Summer House.  But besides being (totally, completely) overwhelmed, I've also been really sick (new to me!) and exhausted.  I'm so thankful to be coming out of that.  I've been able to eat warm foods at night for a month (the thought/smell/sight of anything warmed made me sick!)  And all of a sudden, last Tues, I drove all the way home without closing my eyes at a stoplight!  (Yikes, right?)  And I could even jog without fearing I'd fall off - I was even dangerously close to falling asleep ON THE TREADMILL! 

Okay, now that y'all know everything.... what you're REALLY waiting for, right?  House pics!

the outside - brick & stone are almost done (sorry for the overly sunny pic!)  It's alot darker than we've done and gorgeous.  I promise better pics soon.  I just love the addition of those 2 windows over the garage (where the 5th BR will be!)  External painting starts soon!

the living room - the stone fireplace was going up on Sat when we visited!

what was just a cabinet with granite top in the last house... is a beautiful built in for this house!

the kitchen - one of my FAV features in this house is all the feet!  LOL!  This is the footed island in the kitchen!

okay, and if you had to ask me my absolute favorite feature in this house vs last (since we're building the same floor plan, just with addt square footage and diff features!), it would HAVE to be the hood in the kitchen.  I nearly passed out when I first saw it on Sat - and it hasn't even been stained yet!

the detail on the vent.... ahhh....

another footed cabinet!  this time, in the master bath.

the back patio - again, mr. fix-it had to improve on the old patio, just a tiny bit!  He added these arches and I think it looks perfect!

the staircase - this is the back staircase, the one that leads to the kitchen and family room and gets 99% of the use.  We picked a different look this time - can't wait to see it done!

the media room (aka man cave):  mr. fix-it added a half wall with cabinet space, a bar and counters.  Santa might even bring a fun popcorn popper to sit on these counters!

the kids' rooms - I owe paint colors to mr. fix-it for the kids' rooms TONIGHT!  Yikes!  G-man's is done... Sissy's will be done tonight.  And I'm gonna have to get a pass on the Tiebreaker's room.  We're going to paint it a generic color and come back in a few wks with just the right shade of lime green.  Bedding has been ordered (from a new-to-me Etsy seller - can't wait to show y'all!), so I'm just waiting on swatches so I can pick paint!

Thanks for peekin' in with me!  More soon, I promise!



3LittleByrds said...

Elaine,sorry you're going through so much now and that life seems so hectic.I'd be alittle overwhelmed too. I love your home and seeing it come together. It's so exciting. I'm totally coming out for a visit when it's all done. :)

Ben and Emily said...


Your house looks amazing! Hopefully life will get less hectic for you all really soon!

Tiffany said...

The house is beautiful Elaine!!!!

Glad things are starting to calm down for you guys. *HUGS*

Sasha said...

Wow! You do have a lot going on! Hugs to you! The house is looking fab and I can't believe it will be done so soon!

*kimmie* said...

Minus the babies, I so feel for you! Zach was laid off right after the house was built and little known to the blog world, but was laid off again after we relocated to SF specifically for his new job. I still believe it all works out, but I understand being overwhelmed.

In other news, I can not believe you are five weeks away! The added details are simply gorgeous! Can't wait for you to get all moved in and settled! {and see your decorating of course!}


Becky said...

WOW! You have had a crazy few months. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Fix-It's job - what timing for that to happen.

The house looks absolutely beautiful!

MissBliss said...

Hi, Elaine,

I have missed out on so much while busy teaching this summer and fall.

Congratulations on the baby on the way and the new house! Hang in there with the job stuff.

I am so glad to hear all your good news. I think it is so cool that you guys are putting verses in the structure!


your friend,
Danielle (aka Miss Bliss)

P.S. when Mr. Wonderful was posting a few in there, I just saw that you got to San Diego! I love San Diego! Glad you had fun. Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.

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