Thursday, July 29, 2010

A date with a Firefly and Busy

I've been Busy. Which is funny because.... after a few wks of insanity, Mr. Fix-It and I took tonight off. No running here and there... no late night at work.... no 9pm dates with the treadmill. We mixed up some sweet tea vodka and watched 3(!!) episodes of Cougar Town (on tivo, duh, so it was quick. But I never just sit and watch tv - fun!!) That show is hil-arious! Funny thing is... one of Courtney Cox's besties is this girl and her real life name is Busy Phillips.

Seriously.... why didn't my parents name ME Busy?!  ;)

But after a few months of blogging hiatus, I promise I'm back and I'm working on a few fun things!  I want to share G-man's Semi-Homemade Vintage Truck party (which was last weekend) and some updates on the new Semi-Homemade House!

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3LittleByrds said...

Elaine, glad you got some down time tonight. Can't wait to see all the future posts. We're finally settled in Colleyville. Email me soon and we'll get together.

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